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    The number 5 stands 8' tall in our back pasture. With the help of two of our friends, we brought it down in the hay wagon and then hoisted it up with the tractor bucket. One of the most frequently asked questions of people who stop by the gallery is "What is the significance of the number 5?" That's simple: It's Norton's favorite number!

    Norton has been making rabbits for more than 15 years. He believes that the most important feature of rabbits is their ears so he makes them quite long. All of his rabbits are named after his relatives. Uncle Doc, pictured here, is 11' tall.

    These are "early birds." They are Norton's idea of what might have roamed the Champlain Valley millions of years ago. They are seed-eaters and are not carniverous. He made them with moveable arms so you can "shake hands with the dinosaur."

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