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    After being exclusively a woodcarver for 25 years, Norton has recently begun to incorporate metal in his work. Some of these pieces include a combination of metal and wood for motion and stability. Others are entirely metal which, from a woodcarver's point of view, adds the intriguing quality of suspending weight and mass on long thin lines. Below are examples of larger exterior works which, because they are made out of steel, have the added element of durability.

    "A Night at the Sportsman's Lodge" was created in 1999. The figures are steel and the pedestal is a fluted wooden column. Overall it stands 7' tall and is part of a series of dancers in different positions. This piece, in particular, immortilizes Norton and Marlene back at a time when both were a little lighter on their feet.

    "Nature Walk" is both playful and simplistic. The figures depict a mother guiding her children through the natural environment of flowers and birds. The adult figure is 7' tall; the piece spans 10' in length when set up. It is made out of 1" steel rod and 1/4" steel plate.

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